• Daniel Hunter

Surely Not?

“Two students stole chemicals from their school and planned to poison another pupil by spiking a drink bottle.”

Surely not? The good news is that surely no school would bring substances on site that are even capable of causing death. Well, in my experience, they would. Absolutely.

Just over a year ago a client in the Brisbane area had a contactor that wanted to bring a strong hydrofluoric acid on site. It would perform the cleaning task well, but not necessarily better than a safer option. More importantly, the chemical was at the very extreme end for toxicity.

Naturally, we banned the substance from comming onto site. In Victoria, hydrofluoric acid is banned in schools. Ironically, shortly after we implemented this risk control, the client choose another path and allowed the contactor complete control of what was being brought onto site. Without our system, the product would have definitely been on site, the school would have been completely unaware, and this banned substance would be within the school compound.

It’s pretty simple.

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