Hunter Industrials (QLD) Pty Ltd was established in 2011.  Established as a stand-alone business with the experience and programs of Hunter Industrials in Victoria, Hunters Queensland offers a proven business model with a very distinct Queensland localisation.

Hunter Industrials (QLD) are niche-focused. We prefer to focus on clients that have a shared understanding and mutual appreciation for the relationship. Hunters offer services and systems designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness, improve safety, reduce risk and improve results without impacting overall operating costs.  Our services and systems often involve full vendor managed systems/inventory (VMS or VMI), with a range of carefully selected new technologies to enable the service and value proposition. 


Hunter Industrials (QLD) Pty Ltd began by focusing on integrated product and service including the supply of cleaning chemicals (across varying industry groups), accessories, consumables, and other cleaning related supply along with encompassing services at an augmented product level. Our dedication to chemicals partially sets Hunters apart, comparative to distributors who simply distribute chemicals, or simply supply chemicals as an add-on.  Hunters proudly stand by their products, services, and solutions-driven approach. We are leaders in delivering solutions that actively make a measurable difference in your business.

Today Hunter Industrials (QLD) Pty Ltd offers a range of services, including chemical audits and other purely consultative services that surround safe selection, storage, and handling of chemicals from/for any industry (not just cleaning related).

Hunters offer tailored business solutions helping clients reduce costs, reduce risk, provide compliance, and ultimately improve their business operations.

If you are looking for cleaning chemicals, cleaning accessories (including mops, buckets, brooms, wipes), personal protective equipment (including disposable vinyl gloves, face masks, reusable gloves), cleaning consumables (including toilet paper, hand towel, facial tissues, garbage bags), then give the Team a call and speak to someone immediately through administration.

We proudly distribute; GoJo, Purell, Tork, Livi, Bracton and Edco products.