Chemicals. Compliance. Consultancy.

Hunters are chemical specialists.

Hunter Industrials are specialists in cleaning chemicals and cleaning supplies.  We don’t just sell chemical products- we manufacture them to meet our specifications.  We have products to suit many applications and industry.  Our product range includes cleaning chemicals and supplies for Schools, Child Care Centres, Clubs, Facilities, Major Food Processing, Breweries, Hospitality and Heavy Industry clients.

We know what ingredients work and understand what emerging raw materials offer regarding environmental sustainability advancements or improved safety.  We know chemicals, their use, their efficacy, their need, and most importantly, their associated risks. 

Hunters are compliance experts.

Unlike other consumable inventory items often purchased by businesses, chemicals have a wide range of compliance requirements.  Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Industry Guidance Materials often require either compliance or consistency in an organisations efforts to meet or exceed requirements.   Hunters are specialists in helping clients comply with regulatory requirements.  ​

Hunters are consultation and customer experience focused.

​Hunters are a small team that you can call on a direct line and chat with administration about anything regarding your account.  You can give feedback directly by speaking with our team.  We do not direct you to an online channel. We like to visit your site on a scheduled and agreed basis, providing on-site and in-person service (or, if you wish, using online platforms).  When you buy from Hunters, goods are delivered by Hunters.

We are cleaning chemicals and cleaning supplies specialists.  We do not sell products and courier them to your door.  We are not a stationary company or food supply business selling chemicals and cleaning supplies as an add on.  We are specialists.  

We focus on the supply channel and the systems for products in use at the client's site to ensure you can receive the best, most effective and efficient products that improve results while reducing costs associated with the cost centre of cleaning and hygiene.